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With a number of Vanguard Clean Agent options, we also offer FM200™, chemically known as heptafluoropropane, is an alternative fire suppression system agent manufactured in the United States by Great Lakes Chemical (FM-200) and DuPont Corporation (HFC-227).

It is a replacement for the ozone depleting Halon 1301 used extensively before 1994.

Effective on Class A, B, and C fires, today FM-200 is protecting the critical assets of tens of thousands of organizations in over 70 countries. FM-200 Waterless Fire Protection systems actually detect and suppress fires within 10 seconds, minimizing damage and reducing harmful combustion byproducts.

When protecting valuable assets or sensitive equipment, FM-200 has many advantages. Unlike Dry Chemical, FM-200 is a colorless, odorless gas that leaves no residue to clean up. Unlike water, FM-200 is an electrically non-conductive agent that will not short-out electronic equipment—unlike the very cold discharge of carbon dioxide, FM-200 will not thermally shock delicate circuitry.

A Vanguard professional can assist you in determining if an FM-200 system will be the best option  for your particular Clean Agent needs.


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