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Professional IP & Analog Video solutions offered by Vanguard Fire & Security Systems make full use of the latest technologies in the field of video. Improved video imaging under a variety of conditions requires using the right equipment for specific applications.

Just a few of many examples are shown here. Wide Dynamic Range cameras compensate for brightly lit backgrounds; and allow foreground images to show detail. Lens selection allows general observation of an area, or for more specific identification—as in the license plate image. Day/Night cameras allow for optimum images by switching from color during the day to black and white at night—allowing for optimal quality from one camera.

The Vanguard team of engineers, electronics specialists and professional field technicians take the time to learn about your operations, challenges, needs, and desired outcomes.

After gaining an understanding of your needs we conduct a field survey of your facility and discuss options for an optimal system to meet those needs.

CCTV by Vanguard-One Expert, Many Options Print

•    Analog & IP Cameras—and either can be viewed over LAN/WAN networks.

•    Digital Video Recorders (DVR) with recording capacities to meet every need.

•    Ability to record/burn video to CD/DVD for archiving, evidence, investigation.

•    Infrared Illuminated options for optimal imaging in low light/darkness.

•    Dedicated Flatscreen Monitor viewing, or network viewing with software solutions.

•    Integration with card access, fire alarm, intrusion, and other facility systems.